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Industrial Services

This business unit is one of the most significant differences of ONPROJECT, working on various projects from all industrial sectors.

The projects in solar thermal power plants, refineries, thermal power stations, industrial cold and food industry stand out.

  • Prefabrication and assembly of pipes

  • Prefabrication and assembly of metal structures

  • Assembly of static and rotating equipment

  • Installation of fire protection equipment

  • Installation and repair of pressure equipment

Assembly of plants and industrial facilities

Image by Crystal Kwok
  • Mechanical maintenance of installations, machinery and mechanical equipment

  • Maintenance of Regulation and Measurement Stations (ERMs)

  • Review of rotating equipment

  • Comprehensive maintenance of energy infrastructure

  • Comprehensive maintenance of energy infrastructure...

  • Program of major revisions in programmed installations stops

Corrective, preventive and integral maintenance of industrial plants


Engineering and Construction

In ONPROJECT we collaborate with the client in the engineering, design, supply, construction and start-up of niche solutions that cover specific aspects of the industrial field.

  • Basic and detail engineering, supply, construction of tanks and storage tanks and associated metal structures.​

  • Repair and maintenance: specialized in preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance of pipes and boilermaking for the food, refrigeration, pharmaceutical and water treatment sectors.​

  • Water treatment: manufacture and installation of equipment and piping for wastewater treatment stations and drinking water treatment stations.​

  • Food industry: installation of machinery and all types of food pipe, with TIG welding with internal argon purge.​

  • Refrigeration industry: installation of equipment in the machine room, evaporators, condensers and pipe lines made of carbon steel, stainless steel and copper, for all types of refrigerants, Co2, Nh3 (ammonia), freon, glycol and brine.


Project Management

ONPROJECT participates in the development, coordination and execution of global projects of national and international scope, being responsible for its management in an integral way executing all its phases and coordinating various engineering and construction specialties until the final delivery to the client.

Each stage of the project is executed with the most appropriate technological means, being sustained by means of control and management that are reviewed and evaluated permanently with the objective of globally improving the efficiency of the processes involved.

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